Brazilian versus bikini laser hair removal – know the difference

Brazilian versus bikini laser hair removal

Are you looking for a hair removal technique that promotes long-term hairless smooth skin, eliminates the stress of shaving, waxing, plucking body hair, and eliminates the risk of ingrown hair all at once?

Then look no further! Laser hair removal has proven to be the most effective way to remove hair; it is safe, eliminates the need to wax, shave, or pluck hairs, reduces bumps, and has a long-lasting effect. It reduces skin hair growth and promotes long-term smoothness.

If you are looking to surprise your partner in lingerie or going to the beach with your bikini on, you can do that with much confidence with Laser hair removal.

Moreover, you never have to worry about razor burn, ingrown hairs, or stubble growing back from the morning’s shave; this is due to the focus on the pubic region and a promise of permanent hair removal through two ways; Brazilian versus Bikini Laser Hair Removal.

Whether you want to remove all the hair at your bikini line and 3 inches higher, or you want no hair, you would need to know the best option.

What is bikini laser hair removal?

When you wear a bikini, you’d want no hair poking out from the sides of your thigh. Bikini laser hair removal removes the hair outside your bikini line 3 inches higher.

You may also opt to remove some hairs under your underwear, like your front triangle and Labia.

Now, you can be comfortable with how you look in your bikini, jump, and play all you like.

What is Brazilian laser hair removal?

Brazilian laser hair removal enables you to eliminate all the hair in your pubic region. You may decide to leave a few hairs there and customize it as you’d like.

Lasering off all that hair gives you that clean, smooth feel, and you don’t have to worry about your pubic hair getting caught in a zipper.

All about the laser hair removal procedure

These two involve Laser technology, and they both deliver excellent hair removal. They may have similarities, but they are not the same. They both depend on your choice, and to explore more about the procedure; you should note a few things:

Firstly, laser hair removal involves using a laser to destroy the roots of the hair by sending light pulses to heat each hair follicle. This procedure is intended so that the hair may not grow.

Secondly, note that no two persons are the same, no two fingerprints are the same, and no two hairs grow the same. Your hair grows at different rates, so you may need several Laser treatments to remove all the hairs altogether.

Thirdly, to get the full effect of the treatment, you will need multiple sessions. These multiple sessions help the laser treat the hair from the anagen phase. The anagen phase is the active phase of the hair when it grows up the follicle.

To conclude, these multiple hair removal treatments are guaranteed to stop the growth of new hairs by putting the hair in a long period of dormancy. Therefore, no need for shaving, plucking or waxing during that period. These treatments will be spaced out by a few weeks to allow some hairs to grow while it gets lasered off from the roots. The procedure is so efficient that it efficiently reduces ingrown hair.

Is the procedure painful?

The pain has been described as rubber-band snapping against the skin, and this minimal discomfort only occurs during the procedure, but it does pay you tenfold by saving you the need to wax or shave for a very long time.

Before the procedure, pain cooling methods would be administered to soothe your pain. The treatment works for all skin types, for example, sensitive skin.

Side effects of the procedure – Brazilian versus bikini laser hair removal

After the two to six laser treatment procedures, you will notice that hair growth is slower and about  10% to 25% hair reduction.

After the procedure, the skin may redden or be a bit swollen or itching but rest assured as that could easily be rectified with aloe vera.

An experienced specialist must carry out the procedure as the worst-case scenario, if not done correctly; It may cause blisters, Laser burns, herpes outbreaks,  areas of skin that are darker than the surrounding skin, areas of skin that are lighter than the surrounding skin, Infections, and Scars.

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Conclusion – Brazilian versus bikini laser hair removal

In conclusion, Brazilian versus bikini laser hair removal, are quick procedures that take less than an hour to achieve your desired look. For more information, book a consultation by contacting Laser Affair via (813) 944-2445, or at the Address 15243 Amberly Dr. #10 Tampa, FL 33647. Hours of Operation are from Monday to Saturday, 10 am -5 pm, and Sunday, 12 am – 4​ pm.