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Sometimes it’s our heritage, sometimes it’s our hormones, sometimes it’s hirsutism. But it doesn’t have to be your problem! Join the millions of women and men that have permanently restored their confidence with facial laser hair removal.

facial laser hair removal


It is tough enough stepping out in our bathing suits without the added stress and worry about razor rash, ingrown hairs, cysts, and itching caused by repeated shaving. That’s probably why bikini laser hair removal is one of our most popular procedures. Choose from the basic bikini line pubic hair removal or the ever popular full Brazilian. It’s easy and it’s fast.

bikini laser hair removal

Tired of that 5 o’clock shadow? Tired of those painful, unsightly, inflamed, razor bumps known as pseudo-folliculitis? Perhaps you’re just tired and could use the extra 15 minutes of sleep each morning. Enjoy the sexy, smooth, youthful, look of hair free skin with laser hair removal for men.

laser hair removal for men

So what’s worse, a furry back or having to ask your buddy to shave it for you? A short series of 20 minute laser hair removal back treatments can solve that dilemma forever! Be manscaped and well groomed 24/7! It’s easy. Really!

laser hair removal back

We take manscaping very serious, and guys… this means the ears too. While IPL laser hair removal Tampa is still offered in some facilities, an IPL is actually not a laser at all. Research supports the more powerful, yet safer use of a true laser such as the ND:Yag or the Alexandrite, as utilized by Laser Affair, to be most effective for hair removal.

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