Laser AffairSuperior Equipment at Laser Affair

  • Aside from choosing a skilled laser practitioner, the single most important factor ensuring desired results and client satisfaction is the equipment used. It is imperative that the correct wavelength is matched to the client’s physical characteristics to achieve optimal results. 
  • We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” system and are extremely proud of our multiple, state-of-the-art Syneron Candela Laser platforms. Candela is a leading US-based global medical aesthetic device company. Our coveted 755nm Alexandrite GentleLase and 1064 ND:Yag GentleYag were designed specifically for hair removal and are known to be the most effective hair removal lasers throughout the industry. These Class IV medical devices must be registered with the Department of Health and the Board of Medicine and may only be operated by specific licensed Practitioners. 
  • We are proud to safely treat all skin types while achieving optimal results.

Laser Specialist at Laser Affair

  • Treatments are performed by highly-skilled, experienced, licensed Medical Laser Specialists, in a discrete, compassionate and comfortable environment. 
  • Our focus on laser hair removal is not diluted by attempting to be a Jack-of-all-Trades. 
  • Although all of our technicians are licensed to perform a multiple array of laser aesthetics, we choose to dedicate our attention solely on Laser hair removal. 
  • We remove your hair. It’s all we do…we do it best! 

*Dedicated Laser Safety Officer on staff.


  • Laser hair removal is the second most desired non-surgical cosmetic procedure for men and women, second only to Botox. Not only are we compliant with HIPAA, your personal and physical privacy is taken very seriously. 
  • At Laser Affair you have the option to schedule with the same technician throughout your sessions (a rarity amongst the industry) ensuring enhanced rapport and additional privacy.

No High Pressure – No Contracts!

  • We are privately owned and don’t believe in the high-pressure sales tactics of many corporate-owned facilities. Our prices are very fair and extremely competitive. 
  • We respect the intelligence of our patrons and refuse to “jack up” the prices in an attempt to then lure you in with ridiculous discounts. 
  • Be assured, we certainly desire and value your business, however we will not attempt to trick you with sly sales tactics.

Easy Pay-As-You-Go sessions!

No contracts or huge package requirements.

Mission Statement

Our goal is that the clients of Laser Affair receive optimal results after being provided a thorough explanation with honest, ethical, and realistic expectations of our services. All procedures at Laser Affair will be performed by highly-skilled, experienced, licensed laser specialists, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment in a discrete, compassionate and comfortable environment.