Considering Bikini Laser Hair Removal but not quite sure what to ask for?

Terminologies may differ slightly between establishments so it is important to know exactly what is expected. Whether you choose to remove a little or a lot, you can select the one that is best for you. Or start with a less extreme version and upgrade at a later date.

*Unlike waxing it is not necessary to grow out your hair prior to treatment.

Bikini Line aka… Traditional Bikini, Basic Bikini

When sitting or standing with your legs together, anything that shows outside the bikini, and approximately 1 inch inside the bikini line, and up to 2 inches along the upper thigh. You can actually wear your favorite bottom or panty during the treatment.

Brazilian aka… French, European

The Brazilian includes everything in front/top of the pubis bone as well as the labia, vulva, majora, and approximately 2 inches along the upper and inner thigh. A desired shape, landing strip, triangle, may be left if desired.

Brazilian Extended aka… Full Brazilian


The Brazilian Extended is our most popular package. This consist of the Brazilian treatment and continues all the way to the back including peri-anal and the gluteal cleft. Buttocks are considered a separate area.

Happy Trail

The straight line of pubic hairs from the belly button down.

Just some of the Benefits

*You are well groomed 24/7

*Avoid the itchy five o’clock shadow

*No more ingrown hairs

*No more missed outings because you didn’t or couldn’t shave

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